Blueberry picking

(Disclaimer this post has been sitting in the draft file since last summer. I needed to publish it bc look at how cute these pics are!!!)  

On Friday we went blueberry picking at Bishops Orchard.

    This girl makes everything fun!!! We had a blast and ate ALOT of blueberries. ❤️


The Royal Ball

 I was laying in bed in a lot of back pain and not feeling well today when Zaiya came in my room and quietly laid out a full outfit including jewelry and shoes on the bed. She said “mommy you’re invited to the royal ball.Heres your fancy clothes I’m going to change into mine and invite prince daddy. Want to come?” Well let’s just say you can not say no to that. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Frozen Cake


My Frozen cake. The customer wanted to use the plastic figurines for the cake so I obliged. I prefer using all edible items on my cakes but it still came out pretty cute. I mean it is Frozen and who doesn’t love frozen!?!? Hahaha!

You can’t tell in the picture but there is a lot of sparkly edible glitter all over the snow too. Zaiya has been begging me to make her a Frozen cake now. More on that soon! ❄️

Cookie Monster Cake

It has been a while since I have had time to post. I’ve been busy chasing a toddler and I started getting serious about making cakes on the side. I’m going to post a bunch I’ve recently made to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy!!

This one is a Cookie Monster cake I made for one of Zaiya’s best friend’s 2nd birthday. She loved it and the evidence from the blue teeth around the party says it was a big hit. 


 We clearly had a blast at the party too! ❤️ 

Hello September

  We started our day at my Doctor’s appointment. Zaiya was perfect. She sat and colored while I talked to the doctor. Then while the doctor did the check up she watched intently telling us what the Dr. was doing, checking my ears, nose ect… We watch and play a lot of Doc McStuffins in our house haha!  

Then we headed to Spanish Class and she was being a silly goose in the car. Don’t worry we were parked when I took this.


After nap we played in the yard. It was a beautiful day!!!! 

As everyone knows Zaiya is a fashionista that has picked her own clothes for over a year now. Well today it reached a new level when she chose mine as well. I have to admit I did like wearing a dress I never would’ve chosen above shorts and a tank. Thanks for making me fancy. 😄 


Later in the day we had a wardrobe change and mowed the lawn together. She waved to all the cars, neighbors and trees.

Then while I cooked dinner Zaiya created some beautiful crayon and watercolor masterpieces.  Her new thing is wanting them hung all over. I am happy to show off her art. 

  A great start to a new month. I love my girly! 


Clinton fair and more ice cream

  I love our little shoreline town! On Thursday we went to see some live music at the Gazebo.  

Mimi and Grampy came too so it was extra fun!!! 

On Saturday we popped by the town fair at a local church. 

 Zaiya had her face painted and played some games. 


 Daddy taught her how to fish.

  She’s a pro!

We ended the fun with some more ice cream at the new ice cream shop in town. They even took a couple pics for their FB page of Zaiya.  

   It’s summer and we LOVE our ice cream! Another relaxing, fun summer day in the books.❤️