The Royal Ball

 I was laying in bed in a lot of back pain and not feeling well today when Zaiya came in my room and quietly laid out a full outfit including jewelry and shoes on the bed. She said “mommy you’re invited to the royal ball.Heres your fancy clothes I’m going to change into mine and invite prince daddy. Want to come?” Well let’s just say you can not say no to that. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Frozen Cake


My Frozen cake. The customer wanted to use the plastic figurines for the cake so I obliged. I prefer using all edible items on my cakes but it still came out pretty cute. I mean it is Frozen and who doesn’t love frozen!?!? Hahaha!

You can’t tell in the picture but there is a lot of sparkly edible glitter all over the snow too. Zaiya has been begging me to make her a Frozen cake now. More on that soon! ❄️

Cookie Monster Cake

It has been a while since I have had time to post. I’ve been busy chasing a toddler and I started getting serious about making cakes on the side. I’m going to post a bunch I’ve recently made to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy!!

This one is a Cookie Monster cake I made for one of Zaiya’s best friend’s 2nd birthday. She loved it and the evidence from the blue teeth around the party says it was a big hit. 


 We clearly had a blast at the party too! ❤️ 

Hello September

  We started our day at my Doctor’s appointment. Zaiya was perfect. She sat and colored while I talked to the doctor. Then while the doctor did the check up she watched intently telling us what the Dr. was doing, checking my ears, nose ect… We watch and play a lot of Doc McStuffins in our house haha!  

Then we headed to Spanish Class and she was being a silly goose in the car. Don’t worry we were parked when I took this.


After nap we played in the yard. It was a beautiful day!!!! 

As everyone knows Zaiya is a fashionista that has picked her own clothes for over a year now. Well today it reached a new level when she chose mine as well. I have to admit I did like wearing a dress I never would’ve chosen above shorts and a tank. Thanks for making me fancy. 😄 


Later in the day we had a wardrobe change and mowed the lawn together. She waved to all the cars, neighbors and trees.

Then while I cooked dinner Zaiya created some beautiful crayon and watercolor masterpieces.  Her new thing is wanting them hung all over. I am happy to show off her art. 

  A great start to a new month. I love my girly! 


Clinton fair and more ice cream

  I love our little shoreline town! On Thursday we went to see some live music at the Gazebo.  

Mimi and Grampy came too so it was extra fun!!! 

On Saturday we popped by the town fair at a local church. 

 Zaiya had her face painted and played some games. 


 Daddy taught her how to fish.

  She’s a pro!

We ended the fun with some more ice cream at the new ice cream shop in town. They even took a couple pics for their FB page of Zaiya.  

   It’s summer and we LOVE our ice cream! Another relaxing, fun summer day in the books.❤️

Splash Pad, Ice Cream and Carousels 

  Today was just another fun summer days for us. It started off with a 2 mile walk/bike ride.  Zaiya made sure that baby held onto the handles tight!

 After a yummy lunch we stopped by and saw Madrinha Andrea. It unfortunately led to only a 10 minute nap all day but she will sleep good tonight!! 

 After a couple errands I was just about to drive by the beach and decided last minute to pull in.  

We always have a spare bathing suit in the car and it was a perfect hot day to cool off in the splash pad and play on the playground.  

     What better way to end the day than with some ice cream and a carousel ride with friends. Bonus that the proceeds go to a great charity!

     Another fun beautiful summer day with my girl.


The Big, Big Girl Bed


How is this kid getting so big, SO fast!! A couple of weeks ago we switched Zaiya into her first big girl bed. She could reach her gymnast leg up to the top of the crib so we knew it was time. A friend gave us the toddler bed. It was a hand me down to her, so we sanded and stained it and it was like new! 

I took Zaiya to the store and let her pick out her blankets for the bed and Frozen prevailed. Or as she calls everything Frozen, “Elsa Anna.” My parents came over to help put the bed together since Ede was working. Let me tell you this was one SUPER happy girl with her new bed!

She has slept every night with no problem and has yet (knock on wood) to try to climb out at all.

On Sunday we had dinner with friends and they were moving out a twin size bed and offered it to us. We knew we needed one eventually because even though our girl is tiny, a toddler bed won’t last forever so we jumped on it. Ede and I set it up and you can see the results in the top pic. She is sooooo happy. We call it the big, big girl bed haha! All these fun milestones packed into a small timeframe. 

Now fingers crossed she doesn’t start getting herself out of bed at night EVER or falls out while sleeping. My two biggest fears. Thank goodness for the video moniter with sound still hooked up and the guard rail and mound of blankets on the edge keeping her in. Haha!

She also received some awesome costumes she LOVES amongst other goodies. Thank you Hennesseys. ❤️

Dora’s Birthday Party


Yesterday Zaiya asked if we could have a party to celebrate Dora’s birthday. Well who can say no to this face!!?!  So she helped me bake a double chocolate fudge cake. Then after nap today we decorated the cake with the frosting she picked out at the store.

I think she did a pretty awesome job! 

Next she picked out all of Dora’s best friends and put them on the table giving Dora the seat of honor with her. We put hats on all of the friends and we were ready to celebrate!!


Zaiya is a pro at blowing out the candles. Luckily we had a leftover hello kitty candle from another one of her birthday cakes haha! 

Zaiya insisted that Dora gets her own slice of cake which was so cute so we all had our own pieces…… 

 Until she finished hers and wanted to eat Dora’s! After telling her that one piece was enough she said, “ok let’s sit down.” Then she danced over behind Dora and gave her a kiss on the head and said, “Happy birthday.”  Then she said, “Here Dora I’ll help feed you.” She cut a piece with the fork pretended to put it to Dora’s mouth then quickly stuck it in her own mouth!! LOL!!

I am in troooooooooouble with this one haha! But man does she keep me smiling and laughing all day.

Happy birthday Dora!